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Connections Mission is a network of different churches in various nations.

We relate to each other in a living fellowship. We are an apostolic network, with the different gifts in function.


We wish to obey Jesus command an make all nations his disciple. 


Connections is a network based on relations. We wish to create a fellowship, where the leaders of the church can meet, and where fruitful relations can grow, and be a blessing to all.


We wish to equip people to ministry. Train new leaders and give churches the opportunity to develop and mature. This training will take place local, national an international.


We wish to obey the commandment: "Go into all the world…"

We will do this, by sending teams of ministry under an apostolic leadership, to help the local church to train and equip leaders.




A part of the vision for Connection Mission is to teach and train leaders and pastors.

We work specific with this throughout the world. To train and equip leaders to understand who God is and to grow in the identity as mature leaders of Gods' house. 

We travel to the different nations, and gather pastors and leaders in Bibleschools, where the word of God will encourage, restore and build a new foundation for their ministry.

Kim Torp, founder

Meet The Team

Mission begins where we live.
We are all missionaries sent to our own world.

Debby Larsen

Debby is based in Cape Town, South Africa and is part of our International Apostolic Team. Before relocating to Cape Town,she helped pastor Bible and Mission Center in Denmark for many years. She has been involved in Connections Mission from its inception and is now travelling throughout the African Continent, encouraging our churches, pastors and leaders. She teaches the Word of God with insight and wisdom. 

kim low res.jpg

Kim Torp

Kim is based in Thisted, Denmark. Thirty years ago, he founded and is the leader of Bible and Mission Center. He is also the founder and leader of Connections Mission, and as such travels to the Nations of the world. He is entrepreneurial in nature, and for many years has been a pioneer in education, business and church constructions. He teaches the Word of God with power and with signs following.


George Abraham

George is based in Accra, Ghana where he is the founder and leader of Hour of Solutions church. He also oversees Connections Ghana, Connections West Africa, and is a part of our International Apostolic Team. He is a dynamic preacher, that preaches a Christocentric message, moves in signs, wonders, miracles and deliverance. 

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